1. Wedding of Narelle + Andrew

    Date 13 Feb 2018

  2. Wedding of Keri + Anthony

    Date 13 Dec 2017

  3. Mikah + Andrew

    Date 15 Oct 2017
    A special day for me as i got to photograph my oldest childhood friends engagement photos. We were driving up to Mclarens Falls (New Zealand) for the shoot but I made them pull over on the way up when i saw this gorgeous location. The house is their first home together.  Mikah and…

  4. Tess Doig

    Date 29 Aug 2017
    I recently hung out with the stunning Tess to create some content for her website. Tess is the owner of The Healing Point in Margaret River where she practices as a naturopath and is also a barre instructor at movement solutions. I love the softness of these images.

  5. Old Recipes

    Date 17 Aug 2017
    My dad was a pastry chef and in his time worked for the Roux Brothers and cooked for Princess Diana. These are some of his old recipes- handwritten and so covered in years of food residue they feel like sandpaper.

  6. Keri + Anthony

    Date 01 Aug 2017
    I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Keri and Anthony for their documentary engagement shoot. Here are the images of the beautiful couple in their home full of character, wine and stories. 

  7. Window light

    Date 29 Mar 2017
    Playing with the beautiful window light coming through my lounge windows as winter rolls in.

  8. Chasing Stillness

    Date 28 Mar 2017
    I took these self portraits for a little side project i’ve been working on recently. 

  9. Australian Chamber Orchestra at Vasse Felix

    Date 02 Mar 2017
    I recently had the pleasure of shooting the ACO event at Vasse Felix wines covering the pre-performance rehearsals and post-rehearsal dinner. Vasse Felix is one of my favourite wineries in the south west and both the people and the space was gorgeous. 

  10. Burch Family Wines

    Date 01 Dec 2016
    Pinot Noir lovers gathered at Howard Park Winery for Burch Family Wines International Pinot Noir Tasting & Lunch. An impressive line-up of Pinot Noirs were featured, followed by lunch hosted in their beautiful Wine Chapel.

  11. Steins in the vines

    Date 26 Nov 2016
    Tiffany from Tiffany Keal Creative Studio styled this gorgeous 80 guest sit down dinner for the Gourmet Escapes ‘Steins in the vines’ event featuring chefs Rick and Jack Stein.  Event | The Gourmet Escape- Steins in the vines Venue | Evans and Tate Winery Graphic Design | Gemma Lamplough Hire…

  12. Headshots

    Date 22 Nov 2016
    A portrait of Brodie for his mortgage broking business and a portrait of Kaya for her event planning business.

  13. Bahru Leather + Hobo & Hatch

    Date 10 Aug 2016
    Promo shots for Bahru Leathers pop up shop at Hobo & hatch 

  14. Annemieke Mulders

    Date 12 May 2016
    ceramic cups and bowls by Annemieke Mulders

  15. Winterwares Ceramics

    Date 14 Apr 2016
    Blessed to meet Simone from Winterwares last week while i was having a stressful time. By the time i walked out of her fremantle studio, i felt so calm and grounded.

  16. Posy in the Valley

    Date 13 Apr 2016
    Michelle offers stylish and affordable flowers in the swan valley and surrounding north eastern suburbs of Perth. She has such a bubbly personality yet such restraint with colour making her posies all the more romantic and vibrant in their own quiet way.

  17. Hobo & Hatch

    Date 03 Apr 2016
    These gorgeous blankets from Hobo & Hatch were made in Nepal. divine.

  18. Home.

    Date 24 Mar 2016
    Linda and Simon had booked me in for their wedding about this time last year before simon tragically passed away in a windsurfing accident. The two dogs they loved as their children soon also passed leaving linda stripped of her entire family unit.  Linda approached me to capture simon’s home before selling it so she…

  19. The Common

    Date 21 Mar 2016
    Promo shots for the common to portray each night of the weeks special 

  20. Morries

    Date 20 Mar 2016
    Working alongside Chef Tony Howell for Morries new makeover. They have some incredible new items on the menu for their transition from cafe to restaurant/bar.

  21. House of Cards Wine

    Date 20 Mar 2016
    Inspired by his love of poker, Travis from house of cards wine has created a stunning collection of wines that i had the pleasure of photographing. I really enjoyed this job- from the conceptual process of thinking up something just as clever as their brand to the day of shooting and having fun with dropping cards. My studio looked…

  22. De La Terre Wedding

    Date 25 Feb 2016
    Capturing Cherise from De La Terre working her magic for a long table wedding at Margaret River Secret Garden. We are very similar in that we restrain our use of colour and build interest with textures and details instead. 

  23. White Elephant Cafe

    Date 18 Feb 2016
    some favourite snaps from the white elephant cafe. see their website for more.

  24. De La Terre

    Date 07 Jan 2016
    Some photos for ‘De La Terre’ we worked on in studio. Cherise offers botanical design and gift wares that celebrate imperfection and finding beauty within simplicity I worked on these images with Cherise from De La Terre in my studio for social media and website content. De La Terre offers botanical design…

  25. Maria + Brett

    Date 11 Nov 2015
    Director- Dionne Maijer Hair and Makeup- Take 2  Location- Woodstone Cottages, Dunsborough  Flowers- Cape Flora Estate, Quindalup (handpicked that morning)